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Chapter 1: Who will we trust?
Prayer: That I might exalt the Lord…

Chapter 2: Stand or stumble
Prayer: I believe, help my unbelief.

Chapter 3: A paradigm for threatened Christians
Prayer: Living for the King.

Chapter 4: Inquire of the Lord of hosts
Prayer: Lord, redeem my suffering.

Chapter 5: Forgetting God
Prayer: That the Lord might not be forgotten.

Chapter 6: Yesterday’s faith is not sufficient for today
Prayer: Keep me from dangerous pride.

Chapter 7: Christian security: not in ‘Man’
Prayer: God alone is able.

Chapter 8: Christian security: not in the ‘City of Man’
Prayer: Moving into the City of God.

Chapter 9: Christian security: not in a ‘covenant with death’
Prayer: Our God is Baal Perazim!

Chapter 10: Christian security: not in practical atheism
Prayer: Our God is Yahweh Sabaoth!

Chapter 11: ‘In whom do you now trust?’
Prayer: That the battle might be turned back.

Chapter 12: Choose this day…
Prayer: That we might endure.

Chapters 1-12 (in one document)